Vicky Donor – Lakhon mein ek!!

This one (the kettle, not the movie), was so much fun to conceptualize and create. Over the years my Kamasutra kettle has got a lot of feedback. It is truly amazing to think that ‘publicly and officially’ we are not people who talk about sex openly. India and the Kamasutra go back a long way. Yet somehow we still talk about sex like it’s a bad word. That is indeed if we talk of it at all.

I remember I illustrated my mother, Dr. P.S Phadke’s book ‘Penguin India Guide to Women’s Health’, when I was about 22.  I think ma wrote the entire book in six months but took almost as long to write the chapter on sexuality. And then when it came time to illustrate it, she says  “… can you do the illustrations without reading this chapter? ” 🙂
I also remember talking to her and wanting to write a book on my own. It’s working title was to be-  ‘Sex at 21, my views and their views.’  Nothing came of it then. Who knows maybe I will still write it someday.  But I did do the next thing…I painted a series of kettles on Kamasutra.

Though, those were fun and not serious at all. Serious and seriously fun, is what my friend Juhi Chaturvedi did with Vicky Donor. To conceptualize and write the story, screenplay and dialog for such a film in India is fantastic. To be a woman who wrote this, and have this film be such an outstanding success is stupendous.

This kettle is my hat tip to Juhi, for handling such a topic with so much panache. To have us laugh through our tears and come away with a warm fuzzy feeling… If you have not yet seen the movie, GO NOW and get the DVD. I guarantee you won’t regret it. The music too is something that will stay with you long after… especially ‘Paani da…”

And this kettle is NOT FOR SALE. It is with Juhi in Mumbai and will sit in her office when it comes out of hiding. It is neatly tucked away in her cupboard for now. Why? Well, as I understand the maids opened the package when I sent it over. And they have been giving her strange looks since then. She also has a young daughter, so the office seems to be the best place for it.

P.S – You can Google the image for the Kamasutra kettle. I am not posting the image here, because I don’t want to take attention away from Juhi’s kettle. Do note though, you can’t Google the others in the series on the Kamasutra kettle, because I never put the images online 🙂

Also some questions for all of you
– You think Kamasutra cushions for the bedroom will work? (Mind you not as a ‘mood thing’ but as a fun, mildly risque piece of home accessories).
– Or maybe coasters or ohhh!…maybe even a Khiladi table. I am sure I could come up with some fun games and penalties!!!

Yeah I know, * sigh* you won’t comment here. Write in to me with your response at – [email protected]
I look forward to it (insert naughty laugh here:-)) All the feedback for the earlier kettle was also in private emails. And it sold almost as soon as it hit the shelf!!

Disclaimer –  I understand the issue of infertility is a serious one and this post and its content is in no way meant to be disrespectful to anyone. It is a tongue in cheek attempt to look at the lighter side of the movie.

9 thoughts on “Vicky Donor – Lakhon mein ek!!

  1. pRiyA says:

    I AM going to comment here. What the heck? I did google the KS kettle (who wouldn’t?) and I think it is simply striking and beautiful. I think hats off to you for thinking up something like that. As funky as the title of your book.

    Enjoyed reading this post too. I remember when I was 15 or 16 my mother took me to see The Blue Lagoon 😀 😀 That was her way of you know, telling me about the birds and the bees…

    • aarohi says:

      Bravo Priya 🙂 Thank you for as always being so supportive and for writing a comment here.
      A hat tip to your mum too. Blue Lagoon!! My mum is a doc and a gynecologist to boot. She sent me to my sister in law, also a gynecologist, for the talk on contraception before I got married. I am still surprised she ever wrote that chapter. And no, she has not seen this kettle 🙂

  2. Krithika Nelson says:

    You rock Aarohi! And I am getting tired of saying this over and over again 😉 You just beat yourself every time! And a kamasutra themed khiladi table? Woooooooohooooooo! What fun 😛
    And please give a tight hug to Juhi from my side! I watched the movie thrice and how awesome it was 😀

  3. Nimi says:

    Yes, yes, yes kamasutra for cushions, tables, coasters-whatever! We have a set of (small) posters of Gil Elvgreen’s 70s style pin-up paintings pasted on the wall in our bedroom and it is not just for fun 😉 it is definitely for the mood! And i don’t really care if my in-laws or friends or family see it. In fact, they already have :D. That said, cushion covers i would leap on.

  4. Satabhisha says:

    How I love your art and the kettles and how I envy Archana [of Rang-decor] for having a friend like you and getting those kettles as gifts! 🙂

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