Vineeta Nair – ArtnLight anniversary ‘Give Away’ time!!

When she smiles, her whole face smiles. There is nothing held back in her affection or her appreciation.
Though I have known of her blog for many years and been online friends for little more then a year.  I met her for the first time only about six months ago. I was in the middle of some guests, cranky kids and an over worked husband. Oh! and it was also in the final run up to the Poonchh exhibition. It was chaotic.

Enter- Vineeta. I apologize profusely for the madness.
She says “it’s ok” and settles down.
It was that simple. We just settled into conversation and chai as if we had been doing it for years. I talked about Poonchh with more passion than most people are used to and she just took it all in. And then she did what she does best. She brought calm and perspective.  Here I have to tell you a little about why she is special to me. In the craziness and nastiness of the week of the ‘Bloggers against plagiarism’ issue, I found support from so many people. And everyone extended it with a warm heart and a hug- virtual and real 🙂 Vineeta picked up the phone and called. She said- ‘I want the personal connection and emails and chats are too distant’. That was it. Simple and powerful. She spoke to me for some 20 minutes with so much affection and support that I was dumbfounded to find such people still exist!!

This is Vineeta Nair in one of Ritika Mittal’s ‘Mora’ Kalidars.  More on Mora and Rittika some posts later 🙂

We don’t talk often, we don’t even chat very often. But, that connection is there… She was a part of this wonderful book last year called ‘Desire to Inspire‘. And in it you can see just how much of an inspiration her spirit is. Yes, her work is wonderful, she has the zeal, the drive and all that. But the true winner for me is Vineeta’s spirit. Glowing white.

I am so happy to share with you my friend Vineeta’s work and passion- ArtnLight. Her blog turned five years last month and as can be expected, it’s time for festivities and cheer.  I am happy to say a tiny bit of my work will be available as a giveaway on her blog. So head on over to her blog for the details.
Happy Anniversary my friend!!

I wish I could have posted a picture having chai with her….but I don’t have one. We were so busy talking, we forgot to take any pictures!! So here is one of Vineeta having virtual chai with me. Go get yourselves some chai too and join us 🙂


12 thoughts on “Vineeta Nair – ArtnLight anniversary ‘Give Away’ time!!

  1. sudha says:

    Have always admired your work..would love to have her painting print …who wouldn’t want such a beautiful painting at home!!all the best to everything you do 🙂

  2. Vani says:

    Hi Aarohi! coming over from Vineeta’s blog. Great to meet you. And, Vineeta is as you say here.. a beautiful spirit. and i havent even met her yet ;)…Love her work…

    I have commented for the giveaway on ArtnLight and your FB page… Admiring your stuff now 🙂

  3. Sahar says:

    I think my walls are relatively bare (I have been in this flat for 6 years) because I am very particular about what goes on my walls :-). Very few things give me that oooh, aaaah, sigh! I think the Nimbu Mirchi painting would be simply perfect. It gives me that long awaited sigh :O

  4. vtoreti says:

    Thank you Vineeta for this.

    First love: Give away # 3 Nimbu Mirchi print. The colors are vibrant and print speaks of the ancient Indian tradition of protection from “kali nazar”

    Second love: Give away # 3 Lotus. A cup of steaming chai on a Fall afternoon with eye soothing coasters seems like a good idea?

    Give away# kajal can be used not just to beautify one’s eyes but creative hands can do wonders:)

    Aarohi you truly are generous!

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