Zoya and Chloe

A girl and her cat!
This is Zoya and Chloe.
Acrylics on canvas.
Approx 18×20 inches

I’ve known Zohara a long time but we have never ever really got around to talking about my work/painting. So I was pleasantly surprised when she asked if I would paint a portrait of her daughter and their cat.
What clinched the deal for me was her words – ‘I have followed your work for a while now and knew someday I would get a portrait done by you. I love the way you capture emotion in the sitter’s eyes. I want a ‘keep sake’ for/of my daughter which she can carry with her when she leaves home for college or her own home.’
How sweet is that? 🙂

She has been a wonderful client. She gave me complete creative freedom and complete control over size and medium of the finished artwork with no issues on time either.
I leave you with some images of the work in progress and as well as the finished piece.

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