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This is the kind of post I absolutely love to write. My dad always told me, ‘Beta (my child), just do your work honestly and give it your best. Don’t worry about the results.‘ I have always listened to that advice. But, I have a confession to make- this time I was waiting for the result!!

I am happy to share with all of you, that the money you helped generate with ‘The Poonchh Collectiondid go to a worthy cause and was used wisely. I promised you that it was all going to the dogs. It really is 🙂
The VoSD Veterinary Hospital (VoSD- The Voice of Stray Dogs) is well underway. The unit is now in operation and is in it’s trial stage. The team now includes a great doctor/ surgeon on call  and he is the Director of Veterinary Services at VoSD.

Dr. Vaibhav Jamma has a Masters in Science (MSc) Pharmacology, University of Hertfordshire, UK; Masters in Veterinary Science (MVSc) – Veterinary Surgery, Gujarat; Bachelors in Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry (BVSc & AH), Mumbai.

Please Note: This is not a trial of the medical expertize available at VoSD. The term trial is used to to specify the period in on which the routing, assistance protocol, data-maintenance, CRM systems and call handling will be validated.

Though to be honest with you, what the collection generated was but a drop in the ocean compared to what it actually takes to run the hospital. But, as they say ‘ Boondh boondh say sagar bharta hai’- ‘ It takes a drop at a time to fill the ocean’ I am happy with the drop I was able to help put in. I urge you all to add to those drops.

Please help spread the word. Read here to see why the Animal Birth Control program is so important. I said in this post, that “Or get it done yourself. It won’t cost you more than one fancy dinner!!”  I was wrong! At the prices that VoSD is offering for the spaying – neutering program, as also Trauma assistance and general check up, it’s even cheaper than that fancy dinner!!

You alone can now make a huge difference.

The following terms of use/restrictions apply at the trial stage-

  1. The hospital will not be mobile i.e  all surgery and interventions are performed only at the location on the contact us page, and only with prior appointment (detailed directions and address available on the VoSD site).
  2. The services on offer include:
    • Spay-Neuter surgery (presently charged at Rs 250 per stray animal, Rs 1,500 per adopted/pet animal). Only flank surgeries are performed by VoSD. It is essential that when you bring an animal in – you have the ability to take the animal back with you for observation during the course of the recovery of the animal.
    • Trauma assistance (free for stray animals, Rs 250 for pet/adopted animals) is also provided on the location as specified on the contact us page. You need to bring the animal in on the location as specified in the contact us page, and during the hours specified in the Trauma Assistance helpline information above.
    • General Check up any other medical consultation (free for stray animals, Rs 250 for pet/ adopted animals

Please note: It is essential that when you bring an animal in – you have the ability to take the animal back with you for observation during the course of the recovery of the animal. You will also be required to take care of the medical expenses of the recovery of the animal for any trauma/accident/ medical recovery etc

Do click here to see some images from the first surgery performed in the mobile unit.

And for more information visit:


I leave you now with two sketches on brown paper that I did last year. Actually, these two are the very first that I did, when I started painting dogs. I usually show you all the finished pictures. In these, especially the first, you can see the many ‘search lines’ that I draw to get a hang of the subject 🙂

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