Yesterday was a warm Sunday spent with family. The day started beautifully. I went for a walk in the morning. Watched the sky, dreamt a little, thought about life and towards the end of that walk, touched/connected with a part of me.

I am back with my kids after a 5 day overseas business trip with my husband. The kids are thrilled to have us back and I am thrilled to be back.


23rd of April was my birthday. I did not celebrate it for a myriad of reasons. One of which was the sudden and unexpected demise of my dear friend M’s sister. I had baked a rich chocolate cake to celebrate my Nana – maternal grandfather’s life, the week he passed away. Strangely enough, the kids felt it was time that I got a birthday cake. Not realizing the significance in it for more than the obvious. So yesterday was about celebrating my birthday with my family. It was also about reaffirming and celebrating our lives today and of those who have passed on. It’s to say thank you for having enriched our lives. The cake was also for M & M.

It was about spending quality time with people who make up my life. And telling the people I care about and love, that I do love them. So in the spirit of that quality time, yesterday was also about an art project for the kids. My niece broke her wrist the other day. It has to be in a cast for the next four weeks. Her request- “Aatya (aunt), please paint on my cast”

I drew the pattern and the four kids (two of mine + my niece + my daughter’s friend) got to add colour and detail. By the end all the kids wanted their hand in a cast!!



10 thoughts on “Re-affirmations

  1. pRiyA says:

    That is one terrific cast. She is not going to throw it away after I’m sure.
    Re-affirming your life is a good way to start a new birthday year. And with those you love.
    Wish you the best Aarohi. Lots of love.

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