The BIG Box

My work is about building on memories, not losing them. And this wooden trunk is loaded with memories. It belonged to my brother who was a pilot in the Indian Air Force. He has recently retired. My father too is an ex-Indian Air Force pilot. My grandfather is ex-army. My brother’s father-in-law too was in the army. As you can imagine we have all traveled a lot. And our possessions were always carted around in trunks – wooden and metal. When someone retired, the trunks would be passed on to other friends still serving so that they could be used for storage and packing yet another set of belongings during postings.

On retiring my brother had about forty trunks of various sizes that he was passing on to colleagues still serving. I snagged a few 🙂


I wanted to give them a new lease of life. But I wanted to build on the memories, not obviate them entirely. The observer may notice subtle remains which bear testimony to the trunk’s past life. This one in my mind works as a coffee/center table or a trunk for storage at the foot of a double bed.

The size of this trunk demanded a bold pattern. Hence the wrapped around Suzani. Though I did leave the number 17 peeking out. It was the 17th box in my brothers list.



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4 thoughts on “The BIG Box

  1. Deepali says:

    Great Aarohi! Wish my parents had saved a trunk or two- so many memories of those stacked trunks loaded with all our stuff each time we moved 🙂 What a lovely idea. Now perhaps I will get a large box or trunk in any case, just to have it, decorate it, keep some memories in there, and perhaps it will serve as a coffee table. Finding a trunk will be the first challenge 🙂

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