Suzani – Now in my colours

These two chairs are a pair that were passed down from some distant relative at some time or the other. One of those temporary furniture options for a temporary house kind of thing. Except the chairs just stayed on. They were truly old world with a Sunmica back rest and woven plastic netting – in white no less!! –  for the seat.


So when it came time for me to rework them, I could not find a karigar (craftsman) skilled enough in Bangalore to do coir weaving for the chair seat/base. Actually I did but he was attached to a very very high end furniture boutique and the rework for the base alone would have blown my budget. So I just got my local carpenter to make me a moulded seat base in wood. Which was then upholstered by the guy who had re-done my old magenta and orange sofas into a lovely chocolate. And that Sun Mica back was my baby to rework. Since Suzani was the flavour of the month for me – here is the end result with my colours 🙂




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