A table for Anna..

Anna wrote to me a few weeks ago asking if I saw potential to work on a few things she had in the house. Essentially a make-over for something old – they were a table, a small box cupboard and an old jewelery box. She came over for a chat and we settled on the table. The decision on what to paint got taken as soon as she saw the Lotus Trunk I had in my place. She wanted something similar but with a blue background. And she wanted the entire surface painted – including the legs.
Well here it is 🙂

Though for some reason the blues did not photograph well – they are a lot richer and intense on the actual piece.


ArtByAarohi_AnnaTable_3  ArtByAarohi_AnnaTable_4  ArtByAarohi_AnnaTable_2  ArtByAarohi_AnnaTable_5

I collect kettles. The kettle in the pictures was a gift from a dear friend. She carried it all the way from Abu Dhabi 🙂


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