The Curated Magazine – September 2014

My work and I feature on the cover and within the pages of the September 2014 issue of ‘The Curated Magazine’.

And I am thrilled. For two reasons – one because this is the first time that a person has been featured on the cover of this magazine and two because Priya Iyer, released a sneak peek of the cover a few weeks in advance so that she could talk about the launch of my furniture show last month.

Thank you Priya Iyer. I am indeed humbled at your introduction of my work…



Screenshots from the magazine (click to see a larger version): Please note these are just for reference. To read the article without straining your eyes 🙂  – go here.

ArtByAarohi-TheCuratedMagazine-Pg1      ArtByAarohi-TheCuratedMagazine-Pg2

ArtByAarohi-TheCuratedMagazine-Pg3      ArtByAarohi-TheCuratedMagazine-Pg4


Update: 15Dec 2015 – I also had the joy of having a free wheeling discussion with Priya last month. We sort of discuss the method to my madness… you can listen to that here. But be warned it is 23 mins in it’s entirety. So grab a cup of chai and get comfortable.


4 thoughts on “The Curated Magazine – September 2014

  1. deepa says:

    Great work Aarohi! I have admired your work previously as well but the furniture collection is cut above… Great work. I think Priya picked an excellent artist to showcase!


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