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Tanya Gupta. Young. Carefree and very opinionated. In a good way. Knows her mind and is not afraid to speak it.
I met Tanya at the Beach House Project in march this year at an idyllic week long residency in Fort Kochi. You can read about that trip here. Late nights over good music and even better conversation can get people to bond pretty fast. And that is exactly what happened. Tanya is next in my series of Effortless Friendships. She decided to follow her dream and make a change with young minds. Why young minds? Read on…


What did you study in college?

I pursued B.S. in Computer Science (AI) and B.A. In Economics from University of Massachusetts Amherst. I graduated in May 2015

How did the jump to designing travel/experiences happen?

After finishing my degree I was certain that sitting behind a computer wasn’t my calling. I wanted to go out and make stories. I took a year long ‘time out’ after college to travel and came back home to try my hands at different businesses. During this time I met a lot of people, attended a lot of events and took a lot of interviews. Slowly I realised that something was missing, there was a gap between what was being taught and what was needed in life. Degrees were not enough and a lot of people (youth) were directionless. Around the same time I met Jay who was working towards creating inspiring journeys for amazing people and I thought this is it. Journeys should be done in schools. Having traveled extensively, I knew how much they can teach you. Young people need to move out of there 4 walls and see and learn from the world. So Jay and I started designing travel experiences for under 23.

What are some of the challenges you face?

When you are walking your own path, challenges are inevitable. They break the monotony. I received a lot of rejection / skepticism from schools and people about the idea, but my family always supported me.
Throughout the 8 months or rather since the time I graduated my biggest challenge was finding out what I wanted to do. That period of being lost was very very challenging. I was  deconstructing myself and it was unsettling but that ended as journeys began. Self Discovery is perplexing and I don’t think it’s ever going to end.
A challenge for life, if you may!

What is your company called and why?

My company is called Loud Minds.
Why? – Because the young minds are beautiful and lively, they should be loud.

Could you share a typical work day with us?

There is nothing routine about my work right now. I wake up to new ideas and continue working on old ideas. Some days are super awesome and others super low. Mostly I am in the house if I am not traveling. But I am trying to become a morning person and trying to find ways to learn new skills like water colour painting, playing the flute etc.

What is your process/thinking/philosophy?

I am not sure if I have a process in place but I do have a philosophy in life which is to be happy! My father taught us at an early age that there is only so much in your control outside, if you want to be truly happy learn to be happy within, grow on the inside, be true and find a purpose bigger than you. When you work towards something bigger than you, it’ll inspire you each day.

What is the next step you see for your business?

I want to reinvent education. It has to move beyond classes, report cards and certificates. It has to be about learning and inspiring. I wish to make travel a part of curriculum for the youth.

Expansion plans?

More Journeys, everywhere.

Favourite drink/ movie/book/go to place?

Fav Drink: Coconut Water
Fav Movie: Inside out
Fav Book: Many but Calvin and Hobbes are my fav
Fav go to place: Inside, I hardly get time to sit still and just delve into myself, but otherwise every place I visit becomes my favorite place. Currently it’s Bhutan



Tanya Gupta

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