Zebra stripes

My love affair with animal print goes back a long time. I absolutely love the colours in nature. And I find Zebra stripes and leopard prints to be the ultimate in graphic impact. That each stripe and spot set is different in every animal and is unique like finger prints is amazing to me.

It was not a conscious thought to incorporate either of these into my work but they sort of crept in. If you look close enough you will find them in most of my work. From painted kettles and canvases to apparel and accessories. In fact one Sunday we were photographing my appliqued skirts and ended up spending more time just capturing cast shadows of graphic lines in the basement of my apartment complex.

These next two totes have very graphic lines. They are the last in a batch I had done which had quite a few graphic zebra stripes 🙂 These two are now on clearance sale at 66% off!!


Actually the last two skirts are on Winter/Christmas Sale as well at 29% off. How absolutely cool is that 😉

So go and shop NOW!!

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