Linked by a Jaali – the past and the future

This is one more of those old boxes that got a new lease of life. But before I get into that let me tell you – it is very similar to the one I use as my dining table. Just married and not much money, guests arriving – we needed to get creative. So Supreet and I converted my old wooden box into the base of the dining table. A half inch glass sheet four feet by four feet completed that redo. For years it was still covered in black paint and metal strips. Complete with stencil lettering that proclaimed my name, my dads and the two stations that it was being shunted between 🙂 The next avatar it dawned was to be stripped down to its basic white pine wood base.  (It is made with discarded old bomb crates from my dad’s Air Force base) Some clear varnish and we were set for a few more years. It’s current avatar is a very dark wood stain.

This ‘new’ box was sanded down and fixed up with metal paste and the like. More wood was added for strength. It had already lived a full life on multiple postings with my brother. I wanted to add my bit before it goes on to build more memories. (add link here). It has been papered with bits of paper from my children’s used school notebooks and some magazines from Aug 2013, the month I started work on it. I decided to leave two strips bare to show you it’s past life. And then painted the entire piece with a modified Moroccan jaali (lattice work) pattern as a link between it’s  past and it’s future.The jaali being the present.

This box has seen much, transported lives for years. With part of my children’s growth charted on it’s surface and mine too in its layers of paint. It recently found a home where it will get cherished and build more memories. Who knows, it could house the quilt and clothes of a new born or maybe that old favourite sweater that reminds one of happier times with grandparents who are no more.

Sorry but I don’t have a high res or even a bigger image of the finished piece. As soon as I do get hold of one I will definitely post here for you all to see… 🙂

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