Muted and mellow – Suzani

An old metal trunk rusted in parts.
Put together in a local shop in some distant recesses of this land.
Not with finesse but with purpose.
Strong. So it can get the job done.
To transport someone’s worldly goods across the country as he guards this great nations borders.

That is the history this trunk carries.

To rework it completely with something bold without paying homage to it’s past would have obliterated the essence inherent in this piece. I started with layering paper left over from past printing projects. Each little bit torn randomly gives glimpses of my work. But it needed to be roughed up a bit, made more subtle so it could recede into the background just enough. After applying texture through paintwork, I was left with this. A textured ground to begin the next phase of it’s life.

This piece called for subtlety. I choose to connect my current thought in pattern inspiration through muted color. Ochers and blue grey. A little magenta and some purple. This box has seen much, transported lives for years. With part of my own growth charted on it’s surface in its layers of paint and torn paper from past projects. I hope it finds a home where it will get cherished and build more memories. Who knows, it could house the quilt and clothes of a new born or maybe that old favourite sweater that reminds one of happier times with grandparents who are no more. In case you think yours is the home it belongs in, please write to me on aarohi (at) artbyaarohi (dot) com to find out purchase details.

Sorry but I don’t have a high res or even a bigger image of the finished piece. As soon as I do get hold of one I will definitely post here for you all to see… 🙂

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