Wg. Cdr. MU Prabhu (retd.)

Wg. Cdr. MU Prabhu (retd.)
Approx. 12×12 inches
Acrylics on wood papered with brown paper
This painting is a gift to my friend Vasudev Prabhu. It is a portrait of his father. Vasudev had posted a picture of uncle sometime ago where he is smiling and pointing to a bottle of Smugglers alcohol. Something about that smile and the look of mischief stayed with me 🙂 So of course this was one I had to attempt. I am happy to say uncle and Vasudev both liked the portrait. (Thank god!!)
Uncle even called me up and we spoke for a few minutes. I then found out that uncle is ex IAF. That just makes this portrait a little more special for me 🙂

Note – A few weeks ago I wrote a Facebook post about starting a small project painting portraits based on pictures that family and friends have shared on Facebook and Instagram. I have completed quite a few but am still waiting for the people in question to see the finished painting and then give permission to share them.

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