Kathakali and Theyyam on newsprint again

It’s interesting to me that these faces have become second nature to me now. I go to them whenever I want to relax and just stay in touch with my craft. They make me calm. So different from the actual frenzy of a Kathakali or Theyyam performance.

Kathakali and Theyyam were the two large format faces I started on after my ‘kitsch’ phase when I had enough time to start painting large again. Maybe that is why they bring me so much comfort. Of course, I love orange and green too. Innate patriotism you think? 🙂

You can see those here –
These two show the transitionary phase from the very graphic Kitsch style to a more fine art-based depiction.

I did these 4 paintings almost a month ago but did not get around to posting them. Health has been a bit iffy for a while now and I have let things slide. So on the road to recovery – the first step is to get back on to the Instagram and Facebook juggernaut and get to work. And of course to start posting here on my own website!!

These pieces are on reclaimed wood papered with newsprint.

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