Ojus and Fluff

Ojus and Fluff
18×24 inches Approx.
Acrylics on brown papered board
Fluff is getting on years now and has been feeling the effects of that old age. His mum wanted me to paint Fluff with his sibling Ojus as a reminder- a timestamp – of their time together. Added to the painting are the @lionking cushion that Fluff would drag around the house and the white little sheep toy that he loved to spend hours playing with.
As requested Monika @monikamanchanda sent me a lot of images so I could get to know the nuances of the two sitters’ face structure. You can see the two main reference images at the end. We decided that I would paint Fluff with less of a white snout…

I like how this portrait turned out. Something about the brown papered background is very appealing to me.

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