The BIG reveal – ‘The Poonchh Collection’

I know I have tested your patience these past few weeks with constant posts related to raising awareness on the plight of the Stray Dog. Thank you for being so loyal and interested enough to keep coming back day after day.

So here it is now – the BIG reveal…

The clue in that ‘blink-and-you-miss-it animation’ mentioned here was the bag I am carrying.



Tote Bags

Yes!! The Poonchh Collection includes Tote bags among other things.
And here is that bag…

Oh! and did I mention, it’s available in over 20 colourways? 🙂
This entire collection is based on three simple stray dog silhouettes which have been used to form a variety of designs.

And do keep track of my Facebook page, as I plan to keep posting more images there.



Cushion Covers

Truth be told, this whole collection started with cushion covers, which was the first home accessory that I thought of doing.  One thing led to another, and I ended up with a whole range of accessories 🙂

The cushion covers are plain with a single dog print on one side, and on the reverse side, the same print forms a pattern. This allows for the cushion to be displayed on either side.

The cushions are made in cotton canvas and poplin, the highest grade that I could find.  The finishing is impeccable and includes interlocking on all seams and a zipper on the bottom of the cover.

And again, they are available in multiple colourways 🙂



iPad & Laptop Sleeves

I have done a range of iPad and laptop sleeves too!

The laptop sleeves  fit a MacBook Air 13″ beautifully. It’s a little snug on a MacBook Pro 13“. And then pretty much all the Netbooks fit in with a little wriggle room on top.

Available in 15 different colourways!!

iPad/Laptop Sleeves - Poonchh Collection

The sleeves are made with the finest cotton canvas  and poplin and screen printed  with loving care. The inside of each sleeve is lined with polar fleece to keep your iPad/laptop safe from scratches. It also has a soft padding to ensure a shock free existence.

The trimming is real leather so you can only dry clean or spot clean.




Uffhhh!! I forgot to tell you about the clutches… yeah, I have those too!
Available in two sizes no less and in multiple colorways again 🙂



Phone Sleeves & Key Pouches


And then there are also some more assorted goodies.

There are sleeves for your phone, an iPhone 4 fits beautifully. And most Nokia and Samsung ones do too.

I also made a little key pouch (for want of a better word here). It’s pretty neat!
Can carry a phone on one side, money or cards on the other and keys on a ring.

It’s a very good ‘all-in-one/all-I-need’ kind of pouch.


And there are some art prints of my paintings and sketches available too.

And like I said before- Do keep track of my Facebook page, I plan to keep posting more images there.

I will post a comprehensive catalog on the site closer to the date of the exhibition: 10-12th Feb 2012.


33 thoughts on “The BIG reveal – ‘The Poonchh Collection’

  1. anand murthy says:

    Very nice stuff..definitely will get in touch with you once i am ready to launch SPAw – a holiday resort being specifically built for people to vacation with their dogs 🙂

    Best wishes


  2. Emreen says:

    Fab collection… Lovely work … Aarohi.. Lovely colors and love all the products especially the clutches and tote bags… !!

    Are they available for sale online ?

    • aarohi says:

      Thank you for your words of appreciation 🙂 The issue is that this is a limited edition collection. So there are only 4-5 pieces of each design. Trying to manage inventory in two places- simultaneous online and offline sale would be a nightmare to handle. The catalog will go up in a day or so but the sale will only happen in 100Ft Boutique for the three days. After that, I hope to put the remaining stock for online sale too. If there is something that you really like, I would recommend that you get a friend to pick it up for you 🙂
      I hope you understand.

  3. jo says:

    Ah! This is cool. Reminded me of Skinny Laminx – Heather Moore’s style of screen prints. So now I don’t need to go to S.Africa to pick that kinda print 🙂 It’s all here in India.

  4. sandeeplal thachan says:

    you know how to Brand a product…art in to business .A different perspective of art..good.. keep it up .

    • aarohi says:

      Thank you Sandeep. But, I think it succeeds because it is not business for me. It is first and always art. The passion is pure and 100% driven by emotion. Only then does it get translated into something that can be termed ‘use for business’.

  5. Naika says:

    Hi Aarohi, I absolutely love your collections. I’m visiting Delhi for a couple months. A couple of your items are great gift options for my friends back home. Where are they for sale?

    • aarohi says:

      Hi Naika,
      Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation. Just send me an email on [email protected] with what you are interested in and we take it from there. Btw, I am based out of Bangalore. I look forward to hearing from you.

      Cheers, Aarohi

  6. Riddhi says:

    Hi Aarohi !! lovely stuff.. Im always drawn towards stuff dats different n dats y tollk ur info thru ur page in a magazine !! great work… N Im hoping you come down to pune sometime ::)

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