Memories of the 100ft exhibition

The dogs took over 100ft from Feb 10-12th 2012. From life-size silhouettes to paw prints leading the guests in…. it was three wonderful doggie days. I met and interacted with old friends, made a whole host of new ones, and realized, there are enough people in the world who still care for those that can’t always defend themselves 🙂

The Poonchh Collection exhibition at 100ft raised a bunch of money for the cause and I think a lot of awareness too. It got written about in multiple newspapers and magazines, both online and offline. The stray dogs were the lead story on MSN India, Femina, LiveMint, The Alternative, among a whole host of others. My blogging friends showed tremendous support and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

I will share the press reports from the newspapers in the next few posts, meanwhile, here are some links to the online material.

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