In Pencil and Watercolor

While cleaning out my (art) closet, I found a truck load of memories and loads of inspiration.
This past year as you all know has been very busy. And time has just flown. Can you believe it is already halfway through May!!

I have been so caught up in life and in ‘production’, that I found I was loosing that little spark that kept me happy. Finding my old sketches made me realize just what I was missing. So it’s back to the drawing board for me. Quite literally!

I hope you enjoy these sketches. They are still a work in progress.

These next two sketches were done on bits of old paper that I found in my stash. So they are a little yellowed. The paint you see was already on it, remnants of some old work.
These two are Lucky (top) and Kajal (bottom). I have painted them before, you can see those images here.

The existing paint gave me ideas…
This next one is of Lucky with further work in watercolors.

Lucky– It really is all about the light in her eyes.
She is moody, doesn’t like everybody. Very picky. But, if you are one of the lucky few that she likes?… Her eyes light up. She is adorable and incredibly affectionate. Which translated means, you better pet her and keep doing so 🙂

This next one is of Bolt. It still needs a lot of work. Both highlights and darks.
Here, he is looking out at the world…

( This one is on white paper. It looks grey because it’s not a very good photograph!!)

‘It really is all about the light in her eyes… ‘ reminded me of something I wrote last year. I hope you like it.
And no, I did not write it for Lucky 🙂

I love your beautiful brown eyes

(March 2011)

Did you know your eyes smile when they look at me?
They turn from plain brown to gold.
I see affection most days.
I see question some days.
Some days, they are just warm and melting.
On days, I see anger and frustration too!!
But, they’re always alive when they look at me.
They can pull me together.
They can also tear me apart.
They shout out to me and then…
sometimes, they just whisper my name!!
But, they always light up when they look at me.
You can try and hide from me.
You can also stay away.
You can try and be merry without me.
But, I thought I should let you know…
your eyes always always give you away!!


2 thoughts on “In Pencil and Watercolor

  1. pRiyA says:

    Aarohi, you are one of those few people I know whose drawings are blessed with energy. It is that characteristic that gives the drawings spontaneity and life. All the drawings are excellent.

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