DIY – Newspaper’d Heels

I have been going through a major churn in my head these last few months. There is so much to do and not enough time. When there is time, I am torn in too many directions. In the hope of making sense of some of this mental  chaos, I decided to try and assimilate the teachings from the book ‘The Artists Way‘ by Julia Cameron.
I am trying to take baby steps in unblocking some channels of creativity and further tweaking and refining those that were already working.

Now on to the project...

I got this killer pair of heels some years ago on my birthday, when my daughter was just about a year old. Wore them once and then put them away. Why? I realized being a ‘hands on mum’ and killer heels did not go together ! Fast forward some five years. As a first step to de-cluttering my mind, I started by de-cluttering my house. I found the heels in this condition:

Needless to say time had taken it’s toll on them and I was a tiny bit heart broken. Since they were only fit to be thrown, I decided to do some experimenting.  And here is the result…

Tada!! (Did you notice the animal print? :-))

I think the difference between success and failure for any task or project, is the attention to detail and the degree of finish. These heels were so far gone that it was a miracle I could save them at all. Some areas had lost their surface detail and looked scuffed. Since I was not able to get them smooth and polished looking again, I decided to exaggerate the rough texture. I decoupaged the surface with newspaper as well as tissue paper.
(You can see the step by step pictures here)

This next pair was a dull silver grey.  I think I bought it on one of those days when I wanted to blend in- kind of hide. Yes, I go through that too.  Well, I am not hiding anymore. So I decided to paint them. First up was one coat of primer and then Acrylic paint.


(Sorry, but I don’t have a before picture for this one)


12 thoughts on “DIY – Newspaper’d Heels

  1. Barnita says:

    This is amazing! I thought worn out leather on shoes means time to thri away. Never realised that we could rework shoes!!! Thanks so much for sharing this! Love it

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