Autos and traffic

I had no maid/help at all in the first two years of my daughters life.. so she used to be strapped on to me in a harness till she was about 14 months. I have done sweeping, swabbing, cooking and  even played football with my son while all the time she was on me. She hardly ever slept. She would take 20 min naps every two hours and then be fresh as a daisy the other time. When I look back I am surprised I survived those years. I was bone tired and weary.

Enter the auto.

Zebra Crossing (Sold) Auto Kettle

The traffic kettle was a response to my life every day. As I mentioned in a previous post, my husband traveled a lot. I did not drive. And my son had to be dropped and picked from school. So everyday, twice a day, I was in an auto. I saw it all. Good guys and bad guys, those out to rook me and those that leered at me. I saw some that were helpful above and beyond the call of duty. I hated those rides most days. The standing in the hot sun, pouring rain or cold/windy mornings waiting for an auto. Refusals/traffic/pollution. A boisterous boy wanting to pull in all directions and a little one curious, watching on…

Box_NazarBattoo_c Kettle_Scooter1_b

But the auto did something nothing else could. My daughter would gurgle the whole ride watching people pass by and revel at the wind in her hair. Or on some days fall asleep to the drone of the engine and the bumpy ride. As long as she was held to my heart she did not really mind. The auto was my lifeline for many years till I bought myself a car- a tiny fully automatic electric car- the Reva. Life got easier after that 🙂 But the auto stayed on in my work.

... Kettle_Auto2_a

4 thoughts on “Autos and traffic

  1. Sangita Pillai says:

    Hi Aarohi, I can so relate to that. I too had no help when my kids were small, and with 3 1/2 years between them, the younger one was taken everywhere, whether to drop the older one or grocery shopping or the library. And yes, I can totally relate to the ‘bone weariness’. You are always tired. But now when the boys are teenagers, it feels good to look back on those days, when you could carry them in your arms and hug them and cuddle them 🙂

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