Singh is King

The Singh is King theme was NOT a result of the movie with the same name. Though the movie helped in terms of instant connect for the piece with a larger audience. I am half a Sardarni (the other half is a Maharashtrian Brahmin) married to a Sardar. I have spent most of my formative years in Punjab, can understand Punjabi really well and can even speak a little. Add to that a trip to the Golden Temple in Amritsar when my son was just about two. We bought Singh is King T-shirts from there. That was the inspiration for this series.
Oh! And for the last few years I have been talking about Sikhism for ‘ The Living faiths of India’ tour for Bangalore Walks.

Singh is King Kettle kettle_singhisking3_a
Kettle_SinghIsKing2_a Singh is King

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