Suzani Chairs

Suzani is everywhere. The ‘it’ graphic and pattern for the season it would seem. I had the same idea six months ago when these 30 year old chairs were given a new lease of life.


As I mentioned in my previous post, I am late in telling you all of these chairs. In fact there is a lot of work that I need to share with you all in the next few weeks. So buckle up and hold on for the ride!

This set of four chairs belonged to my grandparents. I love the design but they were pretty worse for wear. By the time they were fixed up and strengthened with metal paste and nails, the original teak did not look very nice. So I decided to paint them. But before that I covered them entirely in newspaper. That is what the strange sculpture you saw on my table here was 🙂


I did not want to do my usual bit with colour everywhere. And channeling the newly painted white house it just seemed a good idea to work with a limited palette. Enter Suzani but with a twist. These chairs are hand painted with acrylics on newspaper and finished with lacquer and fresh upholstery. The chairs would look wonderful with tan/orange/black/ecru maybe even a lime green or turquoise fabric. I chose a muted orange.





For more information you can write to me on [email protected]

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