Poonchh at Kitsch Mandi – Jan 2015

I have known Laila Waziralli and Diva Ganriwal for a few years now. In fact I used to take Laila’s dog, Noodles, for a walk many years ago when we lived in the same locality. They lived a few houses down from ours in the same lane. Noodles would walk over to our house with his leash sometimes. One time he came in and dragged me out of bed on a Sunday morning!
Diva and I met when she came home with her mother to discuss a commission piece with me. Much time has passed since those days. And the young ladies have gone on to do wonderful things. Kitsch Mandi being one of them. It started in 2011 and somehow in spite of thinking about participating with Poonchh, it never came to pass.
This year – 2015 – seemed the right time to debut The Poonchh Collection at the Kitsch Mandi. Thank you Laila, Diva and of course Roshnee for your kindness and generosity.

So we experimented with Google PhotoSphere. Click and drag the mouse to see a 360 degree interactive view 🙂

To see more images of Kitsch Mandi and us, click here.

I leave you with images of Noodles and me – taken about 14-15 years ago 🙂
(The image quality is not so good as they have been scanned from old photographs)



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