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For a whole bunch of reasons I have been unable to release my next two collections. And that as you can imagine is beyond frustrating. They are ready and yet…  Also I have been working on a series of paintings as a sort of narrative, an attempt to tell the story of a person or a part of their life at least. That too can’t be shared as yet. Somethings are in the offing and that too I am unable to tell you all about just yet.

Yes. I see that you are beginning to see where I am going with this 🙁

I needed a pick me up. Something small but effective. Something that allowed me creative liberty while still being effective for the task at hand. Oh! and it needed to be something I could finish on my own in a few days.

Now you all know of my love for dogs. And they always ‘pick’ me up 🙂 So I decided to volunteer for one of VoSD’s the fund raisers – ‘Season of Giving‘ – The Valentine Bake Sale on the 14th of Feb 2015. It started with me trying to help with the space/ stall ‘decoration’. Valentine  would not be complete without hearts et all. But I wanted to do ‘posh mush’ as opposed to ‘cheesy mush’. So brown paper buntings with stenciled/stamped hearts. Plus various sizes of hearts cut out of thick card stock. Add to that paper boats with sails with doggie silhouettes and hearts again. I covered some boxes with newspaper and yes, hearts and dogs came on all that too! Well it is valentine, you know 🙂

ArtByAarohi-vosd-makingof-boxes  ArtByAarohi-vosd-makingof-heartframe

ArtByAarohi-vosd-makingof-hearts  ArtByAarohi-vosd-makingof-bunting

But then I decided to finally do what has been in my studio in various stages of ‘unfinishedness’.  I give you ‘Dog’ Tags. These have been in the making for a while. They were born of some work that I am doing with recycled materials. I had hoped to get them ready as part of the next edition of ‘The  Poonchh Collection‘. Yes. Again the one that is experiencing ‘stall’ in mid flight.

ArtByAarohi-vosd-makingof-dogtags1  ArtByAarohi-vosd-dogtags8  ArtByAarohi-vosd-dogtags7  ArtByAarohi-vosd-dogtags1
ArtByAarohi-vosd-dogtags6  ArtByAarohi-vosd-dogtags2  ArtByAarohi-vosd-dogtags5  ArtByAarohi-vosd-dogtags4

These key charms/ dog tags were my gift to VoSD for Valentine. They are absolutely gorgeous and rustic. Even if I say so myself. Made with ONLY recycled or up-cycled fabric. Stitched and stenciled by hand in the studio. I had help from my design intern Jatin, for the second lot. Suffice it to say he is not going to want to stencil or rivet anything for a while!

Use them to hang on to the side of your ruck sack or laptop bag or hook it onto your keyring, actually anywhere. The best way to show you love dogs and that you care. And the good part is that you know it is hand made with love, has a very low carbon footprint and ALL the money goes to the dogs.

To buy these, head on over to or write to [email protected]

Happy Valentine people!
(I know I am a week late with this post. But as they say it is the thought that counts..)

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