Equanimity was MIA but…

See my 30 day  journey unfold…

This journey was surprising. It turned out to be more complicated than I had planned. Consistently putting down something three times a day regardless of where you are is hard. It takes a certain commitment. When I was out of my studio- I noted the ‘feeling’ at the appropriate time and then came back and wrote. This exercise made me put conscious thought into how I felt. Regardless of all the events that might have happened in a day – at that point – was I happy, unhappy or ambivalent. Was there any balance – equanimity?

The start of the canvas board…ArtByAarohi_APR2015_ILML_02

I found myself thinking in 5-8 hour chunks of time. It forced me to not let either euphoria take over or let the bad times take on higher significance than was necessary. I find that I used far more orange and not nearly enough black as compared to what I thought I would in the beginning of this experiment. Equanimity was MIA but turns out I love my life 🙂
I was also able to better isolate what specific people and events trigger a ‘mood’. Just how much importance I give to those without conscious thought.

The heart that gave me hope. Can you see it?

On the morning of day 14 I was unhappy and I started to write in black and then I noticed a heart in the band of orange and reds. And a heart in red at that. Coincidental? It gave me hope but it did not lift the ‘unhappiness’. So I continued in black that morning….

I also learnt where my emotional, sub conscious and artistic leanings are. I did not set parameters on where I would write or even what size, in caps or cursive. It is interesting to see artistically in terms of positive and negative spaces what my ‘finished’ canvas looks like.

I think I can safely say that that at the end of my first 40 years – I am safe with me.

The finished canvas/board after a journey of 30 days and 90+ images…Artbyaarohi-iLoveMyLife-Final-April2015

2 thoughts on “Equanimity was MIA but…

  1. Purvi says:

    What a brilliant exercise Aarohi. I agree it must take a lot of commitment to write 3 times a day. However, the result is worth it all. Such a beautiful painting, and oh! A heart 🙂
    Apart from creating artwork, its a wonderful thought to remind yourself of how much you love this life. In the process of creating, one goes on their own journey of making realizations, and developing a positive attitude which can be seen by how much space the oranges and reds have occupied your canvas. Keep painting and inspiring people with such brilliant ideas !
    I’m a new Indian painter on the blogging block, I would love it if you could read my blog: http://paintedideas.blogspot.in/

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