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They say jewellery can lift a woman’s spirits. I agree. I mentioned in an earlier post that those that know me well, know that I hardly change my jewellery. It’s the same thing that I have on all the time. But sometimes I feel like letting loose the inner bohemian goddess. (Yes, I have one of those hiding in there somewhere!!)

This next collection of jewellery (especially the neck pieces) is bohemian, to say the least 🙂

Jewellery always seemed the logical progression for some of my ideas. Last year as part of The Fusion Projects we, at the ArtByAarohi Studio were able to launch a new line of jewellery using stained glass techniques as a proof of concept for what I had in mind. And as part of the first edition with my friend Saarus Nirhali, we had an exhibition at my studio in end August 2016. I was inundated with requests to put fresh pieces online. But with commitments to fulfil on both our parts it was proving difficult. Stained glass due to its nature lent a very rustic feel to the end pieces. And I am happy to say that first experiment was very well received.

With my penchant for trying out new things, it was time to add new material to the mix with added elements of new motifs and shapes. Enter wood and textile! This next edition is done entirely in-house at the ArtByAarohi Studios and is not in collaboration with any other label or individual. The endeavour has been to keep our signature look and feel but with wood and textile. I had hoped to add metal as well but sampling was difficult. Who knows the next round could be entirely new material again!

Note – All pieces are one-of-a-kind.

So head on over to the shop to get your pieces now! Start Shopping 🙂

You can see some styled images here:

The textile pieces were a whole different ballgame. While the wooden earrings are precise and very well finished. The textile pieces were almost organic. Each piece carries the nuances of how I wielded needle and thread. It has my inadequacies and proficiency with the medium wrapped up to form a cohesive whole. These pieces are very close to my heart. They carry that re-use and re-cycle theme to the T. Each piece is crafted from leftover material of other projects at the studio. The stuffing inside them is poly-fill from an old sofa. Each motif like the other pieces that come out of the studio has been hand painted by me at some point and then digitally reproduced. The cords and doris were the outcome of an evening experimenting with what thickness would balance the textile pieces and what colour would add to the bohemian vibe. They are one-of-a-kind and made with love and infinite patience.

This next range of earrings is entirely handmade by me in the studio. The wood has been digitally printed and then laser cut to pre-defined and designed shapes. The endeavour was to work with a different material. Glass, as was used in the last edition while being delicate, is also heavier than these birch wood pieces. And using stained glass techniques gave the older pieces a unique rustic charm. This next lot of earrings is more refined and has precision edge finish. The idea of wood has been carried through in the attachments and beads as well. The pop of colour has come from both beads and acrylic pieces. These just like the birch wood used, were custom cut to our requirements.  And do note as always each piece is one of a kind. The main motif might be the same but the end result is very different.

To see more styled images of the jewellery from this current collection handmade with textile and wood, please go here and here and to buy shop here.

And as a refresher to the background on this collection, I leave you with the video we made documenting the process for the first collection. You can also read a little about the same here.

I do hope you like this next step in my growth. Someday I hope to get to the precious metal jewellery too…

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