Hung out to dry

This black kurta in so many ways is me. It has been a constant companion over the last five odd years. It has seen much and been through much. In fact a few months ago I was invited to an event and the dress code was black. I joking told my host that I don’t wear black. The truth is this black kurta has been to so many places with me, seen me through so much, is so much a part of me that it could probably attend an event without me in it!!

For the record, I feel most comfortable in my black kurta and blue jeans. And in the interest of full disclosure, I have six black kurtas. Three of which are identical. Not including the one you see in the picture to this post. This one was the first and most dear. I wear it when I want to feel safe or when I sit with that cup of chai after a particularly hard day. I think the picture shows you the stark reality of the life it has lived so far.

About the six black kurtas? – It is true.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am hoping to document my mid-life churn here within the pages of my blog. I am looking to paint narratives. Storytelling through pictures. I hope to share with you a series of portraits and self-portraits through different mediums.

About six months ago the lady who works at home dropped bleach on this black kurta by mistake. Suddenly it had taken on a far larger meaning for me. It was stained and appeared dirty to the naked eye but to my mind’s eye, it was time to let the bleach do its job and start to clean and clear away that which had and has been holding me back from just being truly me.

This image seemed to say so much to me when I saw it hanging there. I have seen my share of heartache over the years. Had the rug pulled from under my feet many a time. Many times from those that I least expected it from. That stab in the back when it happened felt like it rocked my very core.

I have been left ‘hung out to dry’ many a time…

What better self-portrait could I make then to turn this old black kurta into a canvas for how I felt. What you saw in this post was a beginning towards that end. I will share the self-portrait as it emerges over time.

I hope ‘Hung out to dry’ can be a collaborative work. An inanimate object/clothing that signifies a connection to your life’s journey. That one item that could describe the essence of you or the milestones in your life’s journey. Literally and metaphorically. If you have such a piece then do take a picture and send it to me with a few words. Please include your name, age and what you do. That is all the information I will reveal. Send it to aarohi at artbyaarohi dot com.

Let’s see if we can get to a cathartic state together and yet alone.

You can read the various posts about my journey thus far here or just go through these three links that I think will give you some context of where I hope to take this series.

4 thoughts on “Hung out to dry

  1. Mythreye says:

    Resonates deeply with me! my black kurt is a scarf around my neck at all events where I have to present myself. I do a lot of speaking to large groups, students, professors fellow scientists etc and up until recently would never stand on a podium without a scarf around my neck until recently this summer when I left me scarf behind…. I have not needed one since, coinciding with the same realization that it was time to “clear away that which had and has been holding me back from just being truly me”–maybe the culprit is just me ?

    • Aarohi Singh says:

      Thank you for writing your story Mythreye. I am so glad you no longer need the scarf! Please do send me a picture of the scraf, your full name, age and what you do. Ofcourse with your story too at aarohi(at)artbyaarohi(dot)com. Thank you in advance for the same 🙂

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