Ginger. Acrylics on Canvas. Approx 16×20 inches.

Rajesh and Nina got in touch with me a few months ago. It was originally to buy prints and then also to do a custom piece of their little one who was getting on in age. Ginger has been a delight to paint.  Both with her white muzzle and her reddish brown one 🙂 This sweet baby has been keeping me busy in the studio on and off for a few weeks now. My timelines have gone complete crazy with the lock down in India for the past 40 days. Since I can’t really ship this piece out just yet, I was sorta taking it easy to even photograph it!

I painted Ginger as she is now, complete with a white muzzle and then worked on her some more to rewind time. I reworked youth into her so to speak, getting a lovely reddish brown coat from her younger days. Ginger is 13+ and is getting on in age. Her parents wanted a memory of her when she was a few years younger. So that’s what I did. Though I did show them the white muzzle option too on a video call and then the final version.

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