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The Covidart/ Covid Mask series have gained some followers. After being contacted by ‘Faces of the Front Line Organization’, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a similar request through Instagram to share the artwork on ‘The Mind Gallery’s website and social media handles. I said yes 🙂

And all the ‘Mask’ series paintings depicting these Covid times are going to Pay it Forward.

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Each painting is for sale at a minimum of INR 3500/-. Contact me via DM if interested. I will donate 100% of the money. In fact I don’t want the money to hit my account at all. You donate to a cause close to your heart to a minimum of 3500/- or more. Show me proof of donation; send me your full ‘ship to’ address with a valid phone number. I send you shipping amount as actuals. You pay that and I ship the piece to you anywhere in the world.
You get a painting to remember these unprecedented times while knowing you helped someone in need. I get to paint in these troubled times and also contribute in a way. It’s a win-win situation. You also get to keep an artist doing what she loves – Paint/Create.
(It must be a donation as of today’s date or after.)
I have to say that our lives have truly changed; little did I ever think that 2020 would put us all in masks. Our changed reality is the new normal.

I’d love to do a few more like this. With masks. Front line workers or not. If you have a good picture that you would like me to paint… send it in via DM. If I like it and am going to attempt painting it – I will likely ask you for a high res version to be sent to me via email.

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