Mogu. Acrylics on canvas (set of three). 8×10 inches.

A friend was going to be out of town for a few days and I offered to baby- dog – sit for her. So every afternoon my daughter and I would set of for her place armed with a book and a cup of hot chai for me. Mogu is an absolutely adorable beagle. And I am happy to say she really likes me. As you can imagine not much reading was done. We played and generally fooled around but everyday my daughter would make her exercise as well.

At the end of every session, Mogu would let her displeasure be known to us. I took a lot of photographs of her. And this set of paintings was a gift for her mother who recently celebrated her 50th birthday.

Oh and my friend Roopa is an author. She gave my paintings of Mogu pride-of-place at her writing desk 🙂

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