Ben and the Art of Pandemic commissions

The Internet is a wonderful place – it fosters connections that I did not think could or would happen. Facebook and the blog have been in hibernation for a while as far as me and my work is concerned. But Instagram is hale and hearty. I follow a lot of people and a lot follow me. It was a pleasant surprise to have a gentleman and fellow artist (@benricart) reach out to me to commission two artworks. These were to be based on the work of the talented @trevcole.

The global pandemic has restricted the movement of both goods and people but it has opened doors of communication across distances. I know I met two very nice people through this 🙂

After getting the requisite permissions from the photographer – I got to work. These pieces are done on a brown paper-covered board. Something I started to experiment with during the lockdown when finding art supplies was at a premium. The lockdown also added to my woes of actually getting the finished artwork to Ben in Switzerland. I am happy to say that both the paintings reached him via France and then onwards to him and his beautiful wife in Switzerland.

Do note that all the pieces on brown paper are photographed in strong daylight. So, the painting looks very bright. In reality, the face looks a little mellower emerging from the background. But they are striking.


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