I love Chandigarh – Kettle

It’s been many years since I have painted a kettle or been asked to paint one. So I was reluctant at first to take up this commission but it was a request from a very old client.
I painted a custom trunk for Suzanne in 2010 as a gift from her to her sister – Jasmine. That trunk needed to encapsulate two years of the family’s history in India before they headed back to Canada. This one was no different. I needed to put a slice of Chandigarh on this kettle for Suzanne’s aunt and uncle. It’s a parting gift to remember Chandigarh as they move on after 30 years!! And the house had to be depicted as it was a family home and is named after Suzanne’s mother. Everything makes sense to the family even though it might appear disparate to us.
Needless to say – She loved it 🙂

You can read about the painted trunk here- https://www.artbyaarohi.com/2010/07/jasmine-vinay-te-manav-di-india-sair/
And while I was at it I finally got down to painting on a tiny brass kettle that a friend gave me to paint on some 7-8 years ago! I will share that with you all as well once I have shown it to her 🙂

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