Uncle Nirhali

Uncle Nirhali
15×15 inches
Acrylics on canvas

The reference for this painting had been sitting in a folder marked ‘to do’ for almost a decade. I saved the image from my friend Saarus’s Facebook page many moons ago- with the thought that I would attempt the portrait when skill levels improved. A few weeks ago I was ready to try.

I managed to get the painting ready in time for uncle’s 70th birthday. It was a total surprise. A gift as much for uncle as it was for Saarus and her husband Mayuresh (the portrait is of Mayuresh’s father).
You know how I know I got it somewhat right? – He could not stop smiling on seeing it…
I feel happy to have been a small part of his birthday and that too on Diwali.
You can see Saarus’s work here – @glasshopperindia and @saarus_in

Full Disclosure- There are times I see an interesting face on Instagram or FaceBook and bookmark it. Sometimes I want to paint it for practice but since I don’t have permission I don’t share that work. I digress but it is important to say – I don’t spend too much time on Insta looking at profiles – I do keep tabs on fine artists whose work I admire. I am always looking to learn. I spend the maximum time on the explore option on Insta.

Fair warning – you might be next. Rest assured I will always take permission before sharing it on my page.

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