The Three Grand-kids

The Three Grandkids
24×24 inches
Acrylics on canvas

Sometime mid last year I got a lovely message from Kiranmayi. She wanted to know if I would be free to paint a combined portrait of her children and their cousin for her mother’s 70th birthday this Jan. Now even if I did not have time, I would have made time because of the note she sent along with her request. The fact that she is a wonderful person and very patient – she made time for a couple of video calls even though our timing was tough to coordinate given she lives in the USA- just made the entire process so much easier.


This commission is also significant because KiranMayi’s mother has not been able to see/meet her grandchildren for almost three years now due to covid restrictions across the world. And with this latest wave of Omicron, Kiranmayi’s proposed trip this Jan got cancelled as well. So it became so much more important to get this commission done and delivered to Aunty in time for her birthday. And I am happy to say I did just that.
These three adorable kids are Aarohi, Nikhil and Prajyoth.

I got the painting framed and gift wrapped before it was delivered to aunty in time for her birthday celebrations on the 30th of Jan 🙂

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