Ms. Khan

Mrs. Leela Khan
Approx.12×12 inches
Acrylics on board papered with brown paper.
I stumbled upon an image on Instagram and saved it. Lovely face and lovely light. The green frames of the spectacle were the deal clincher. I did not really pay attention to who it was as it was meant to be a practice session in light, shade and expression for me.

But I liked the way it turned out. So I went looking to see who this lovely lady was. Turns out she is television personality (@minimathur) Mini Mathur’s mother-in-law and director (@kabirkhankk) Kabir Khan’s mother!
That got my knickers in a twist I can tell you!!
The next step was to reach out to them and ask permission to share the image. And of course to give the painting to them if it met with approval. I am happy to say it did. We all know about the ‘six degrees of separation’. Turns out in today’s world it is 1 or at best 2 degrees. I reached out to Mini and she was so very gracious in talking to me. She sent me some additional images so I could colour-correct what was not visible in the main reference image.

Mini was kind enough to surprise Mrs Khan on her birthday with the portrait. AND she shot and edited a video and sent it to me so I could see aunty’s reaction. I love it and I love her for doing this for me.  (You can see that video here).


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This makes painting and the hours of riyaz, the many portraits I do just because I can do them – all worthwhile.
And did I mention?- I love aunty’s smile :-).


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