Truck art + Rimowa

I love my job!! I really mean that. I get to paint all kinds of things and on all kinds of surfaces. I have painted truck art-based inspiration on kettles, helmets, bikes, and trunks, even on dupattas, skirts, and sarees. Oh! and on denim bags – this was a first. I painted this on a @rimowa suitcase/strolly. The challenge was getting the paint and primer to stick onto this absolutely fabulous surface of German craftsmanship on their signature aluminum. But I managed it 🙂
‘Wait for side’ is commonly seen on trucks across India and Pakistan. It means that the driver is requesting that you wait till he indicates that it is okay for you to overtake his truck. Courtesy is important! To the truck drivers and me 🙂
The suitcase is going to travel for a month across continents to Asia, Africa, and Europe before it comes back to its home base in Bangalore – India with the client, who is a very nice German gentleman in case you were wondering. Robert, (a.k.a @veg.fried.rice) has been living in India for many years and is a fellow designer. So this commission was interesting with him being very precise about what he wanted and me being equally forthright with what I thought was a good idea. All in all, I think it turned out very well.:-)
Now, if the suitcase and the paint weather travel well – we may just have a series going here.

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