Déjà Vu – Artist statement

As you all know I have just concluded my solo show of nature-inspired artworks a couple of days ago. I thought I would share the artist’s statement here with you…

“Welcome to my new collection, Déjà Vu, a wild place in the heart where illusion and reality converge.

These works showcase my journey through time, emotion, and the landscapes of my heart where memories reside. While working on these pieces, in the warm embrace of Mother Nature, I found a piece of my own soul, a sanctuary that I had not even realized I was missing.

To me, each painting is a reunion with a long-lost friend, the rekindling of a memory, or a return to a place where I truly belong. Through them, I have attempted to explore the complexities of love, connection and loss, by returning to something that feels familiar, seen through the lens of growth and transformation.

At a time when the urban sprawl and the relentless march of technology have distanced us from our natural roots, these ethereal foliage-scapes, which evoke the harmony and balance intrinsic to the natural world, call upon you, the viewer, to pause, appreciate, and remember the extraordinary beauty of the world we call home. I hope they also make you ponder anew the fragility of the environment and the urgent need to protect and preserve it for future generations.

My style is a blend of realism and a little bit of abstraction. In these pieces, I have used light, texture, composition and a combination of artistic styles and mediums to provide an emotional depth that I hope resonates with you. Through them, I cordially invite you to dive deep into the labyrinth of nostalgia and belonging, to experience the powerful, primal bond that connects us to the Earth, and to set off on a journey to your own déjà vu.”

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