Why Déjà Vu


I am thrilled to let you all know that I just successfully concluded a solo show of artworks inspired by nature. I titled the show Déjà Vu.

Here’s why –

Life threw everything and the kitchen sink at me a couple of years ago. It was really heavy going for a while there. I needed to heal and renew my spirit. To me, this body of work is about finding my way back to being comfortable in myself- a way home to me. Truth be told I was looking to step out of the familiar rut into unchartered territory so to speak.
Déjà vu translates in French to “already seen,” it is a transitory sensation of having already lived a totally identical situation at some point in the past. A desire for me to get to that flow state again…
For the vast majority of people, experiencing déjà vu is a good thing. It’s a sign that the fact-checking brain regions are working well, preventing you from misremembering events. To others, it could reflect some sort of past life or past life karma or it’s a premonition of future events that you’ve seen within dreams or have seen awake that after it happened something within you has that deja Vu moment because it’s already happened.
For me it’s a mix of all of the above – it’s seeking a way back home. It’s a work in progress but I see the path – it lights up with every step I take.

A trip, a couple of years ago to Sri Lanka and another to Koh Phangan a few months ago gave me time to pause and reflect. The entire theme for tropical flowers and foliage came from these two trips. Being in the quiet serenity of nature allowed me to start to think of work again but without any preconceived ideas or notions of what I should do or not. Actually, even the sparrows I painted are directly inspired by the sparrows one sees at the Bangalore International Airport. It struck me that they are now so rare to see… I decided to paint them surrounded by flowers and leaves 🙂


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