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Not existential angst for sure

I am at that point in my life where I find myself questioning things. I turn 40 this year. This month actually. And strangely enough I have no problems with white hair or even the wrinkles I see crinkling the corners of my eyes. Although I do find myself wanting to know more – about […]

Happy New Year 2015 -Season of Giving

I have just one agenda for this new year. To paint every day. Something. Anything. Good. Bad. Even ugly. But consistently. To do something creative everyday. 365 days. Happy New Year! 2015 – Here I come. You ready? 🙂 Towards that end I finally finished the many doggie portraits I had up on my studio wall. […]

Main mast dikhri na?

I got a call from Rutika a few weeks ago asking if I could custom paint a small box for her sister. Now with school exams, shifting schools, the new school schedule, various formalities, the coming holidays AND other pending commissions, I was not really sure if I could. Though truth be told I had […]

GroupShow 2013 – Mahua Art Gallery

I am thrilled to be part of a show at one of the oldest and most prestigious galleries in Bangalore. Please join me for the Group Show titled ‘Faces’ at the Mahua Art Gallery. ” ‘Faces’ is an exploration of contemporary portraiture and it’s role in communicating an unwritten story. This show brings together a […]

They are all women!! – Priya Sebastian

The immensely talented Priya Sebastian is next on my list of blogger friends. I had stumbled across her work a long time ago, in the pages of other bloggers posts. But for a long time, I did not go to her blog. I think part of me was daunted by the intensity and the formidable […]

They are all women!! – Kavita Rayirath

Kavita Rayirath and I have a strange friendship. We don’t talk/chat often. We connect only when there is something to share, I mean really share. And Kavita shares generously. Kavita blogs at ‘Indian By Design‘, and a whole host of other blogs. The list spans diverse topics – from food to movies – and she […]

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