They are all women!! – Rajee Sood

Next in this ongoing series of ‘Effortless friendships‘ is Rajee Sood.

Rajee and I have been interacting with each other for over a year now. In fact, we share a common love of dogs 🙂 And she was one of the few people I shared The Poonchh Collection with, before anyone else even knew I was working on it!

We met for the first time on a wonderful sunny morning in Hauz Khas village, on a recent to Delhi. We met and chatted like we had known each other forever!! The fact that she is also a sardarni added to the mix 🙂

These next pictures are of Rajee and me, having nimboo paani at the Grey Garden in Hauz Khas village.


(It is purely coincidental that I happen to be wearing the same kurta for my meeting with both Chandan and Rajee 🙂)

Rajee Sood is an Interior Designer and stylist. Her work is elegant and understated. It is what I would call ‘ a classic’.  Not for her the kitschy loud imagery of today. Her work is more like fine wine, to be savoured and relaxed with. Which is not to say she is vintage or victorian!!  She is one classy lady, with refined and elegant tastes and with just the right amount of chutzpah thrown in. (And I love that we both love dogs so much – she has two labs!!)

Rajee has an online shop, through which she showcases and sells curated work.

These next few images are from her blog. See what I mean by classic and classy?

( The colourful cushions you see in the last montage? I have them! 🙂 Rajee gifted a set of three to me!!)

The next image is of styling from a birthday party for her daughter… 🙂 I am sure the kids loved that they were given the ‘big people’ napkins to use.
And the image after that with the red Kantha throw
…. she has a chair upholstered in it. GO find it on her blog. It is divine. Rajee and I have a chai date, with that chair as center stage!!


Her blog also has some wonderful DIY projects that you can try at home. She makes it look really easy 🙂  I love the one where she spray paints a lot of river stones gold!! She is one of that rare breed who had the guts to paint a wall black in her house. It looks stunning and has this giant mirror with a gilded frame. Oh! just go to her blog.
OK, here is THE chair I asked you to find earlier. I could not resist. I HAD to post it here. I absolutely love it and can’t wait for that chai date. The cushions are from her shop.



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