Newspaper and holidays

I am really late in posting these pictures. The kids are back in school after their winter break. Thick in the midst of school madness. The germ of this idea actually started six months ago during their summer vacations! Yes, I realize I am really LATE in posting these images 🙂

The two months of holidays in summer were special. It was wonderful and exasperating to have the kids home 24/7. I needed to come up with ways to keep them creatively occupied. And that as they say was the start of something beautiful. New things to work with. This summer we also painted the house. It is stripped of almost all colour and is now pristine white. I had a new blank canvas to work on post summer. A post on that one later. However before I could get into any thing big I needed to loosen up and start with some fun experimental stuff.

(The story of that funky cast is here)

Enter overenthusiastic children. We made a lot of bowls with paper. As in layers and layers of paper. My kids, my niece and my sister in law pitched in too. So it was a family effort. And then I got to work on them with a lot of paint.


This whole exercise was a study in patience to say the least – waiting for layers of paper to dry and then painting dots across them. The dots were inspiration from my Sydney trip in April with multiple visits to galleries to see some amazing Aboriginal art. Working with three enthusiastic kids was a whole new dimension in patience!!
(These next three images are taken by my friend and photographer Chandan Dubey of ‘Girl About Home‘)


One thing led to another and the newspaper seemed to want to go on to other surfaces too… More on that in the next post. I request you to have patience and wait for it 🙂



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