This is Champa. She was my friend Swati Seth’s daughter. Rescued from Champa Galli in Delhi. She lived with Swati for 18 months before getting picked up by a leopard. But in those 18 months, she meant everything to Swati.

Swati of The Color Caravaan has been doing stupendous work for many years now. We met online some 8-10 years ago and stayed in touch. In fact, we have only met once in person at my house some years ago. And of course, it was over a cup of chai! So when I saw her posts about Champa’s loss it was but natural to try and see if I could be of some help and solace to Swati.

I hoped to paint Champa as a gift for Swati but the reference image was very low res, not from a very good angle and a little blurry. Apparently, all photos of Champa had been lost in some mishap. So this was a difficult one to paint but as they say, where there is a will, there is a way!!

I added elements to the portrait so as to balance the stance of the doggie itself. The Plumeria flowers because well – they are her namesake – Champa. And in the background is a very loose rendition of the Champa Galli where she was found.

I do hope the portrait brings Swati some solace and comfort…

AarohiSingh-ArtbyAarohi-Champa  AarohiSingh-ArtbyAarohi-Champa  AarohiSingh-ArtbyAarohi-Champa


4 thoughts on “Champa

  1. Swati says:

    Aarohi, I am too moved to express myself.
    Thank you so much for bringing my baby to life through your art. Wish I could get inside this painting n hug her. ?
    This will always be my most precious gift.
    Thank you SO much. ??
    Lots of love & a big hug. Hope to see you in Himachal soon 🙂

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