A Helmet for Nikolina

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bobbee Singh of Old Delhi Motorcycles on ‘The Fusion Projects’ last year. We bonded over discussing the tank I painted for Royal Enfield. You can read about and see pictures and video of the collaboration with Bobbee here. That project was a breeze. I did not really have to go outside of my comfort zone at all. This one of custom painting a helmet was another ball game all together!

The helmet was for a dear lady friend of his and hence had to be ‘just right’. It is a commemorative piece and as such incorporates the pets she lost as well as her company logo. So there is a portrait of a lovely brown Cocker Spaniel called Mervica. And two birds called Sophie and Jugnu. Oh! Did I mention that the teal had to be just that color? Not too bright but not muddied and dull with greyish overtones either! Yes. I can see you are beginning to get the drift. The roses too are a specific touch. They needed to be ‘shabby chic’.

All in all, this was a really fun project to do. It took longer than expected due to some family emergencies on my part but Bobbee was a rock star and absolutely understood the delay and did not pressure me to complete the paint job even once.

The helmet came to me straight from the Royal Enfield factory. After completing my part it has gone right back to them. Now it’s their turn to do the custom fittings of rubber, foam, and leather inside before it reaches Bobbee finally. I leave you with a video of me painting the helmet.

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