Sadhu(s) on a plate!

You all know me and re-cycling/ up- cycling! If there is still life left in it – you know I will figure out use for it 🙂

A few years ago (in 2013) I had papered some old melamine plates with pages from my son’s old notebook and then I painted over them. There were six dinner plates and six side plates.

This is what became of the dinner plates –

Note – These were part of my kitsch art phase. So I painted common traffic signs on them. the backs were interesting too. You need to come see those in person 🙂

The side plates were painted over in patterns and four were used to give laddoos for Diwali to a few friends among the many that I send those out to every year. 19 years and counting!

Note – These were painted with decorative patterns in the spirit of Diwali. The image on the left is the plates just painted and not yet laquered and the right has them all shiny and lacquered.

I had two left and since I have been painting for the last few months and doing only that, I thought it was time to put the two left over plates to use. My small format sojourn also made these a perfect canvas/support to work on.
What do you think?
Write to me if you would like to purchase these. The two Sadhu plates  and the traffic sign plates are available.

Note – The first image shows the plate covered with left over pages from a math note book. The second shows the front and the last shows the back painted red.

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