Judge at ICAT Design and Media College

It is always a joy and privilege to interact with young minds. I had one such opportunity last month. I was called upon to judge the accessories design competition for the Meraki Inter-college Festival hosted by the ICAT Design and Media College on 15th February 2019 right here in Bengaluru. I understand there were over 58 national and international colleges that were invited and the festivities lasted well into the night.

Getting to the venue was easy but once inside was such a sea of activity that it made me reminisce about the fun camaraderie from my college days! There were simultaneous events on at various points at the venue. And as I went a little early, I had the opportunity to see the young students perform from speeches and beat boxing to dance and theatre.

The accessories design competition was very interesting as the students had a limited set of items to work with and a limited amount of time to produce something. I got to interact with them and try and understand their motivation and thought for why they produced what they did. You can read about my other interactions with students here, here and here.

I leave you with a few pictures from that day.

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