A birthday gift of a family portrait

The family
59 x37 inches approx.
Acrylics and charcoal on papered board.
Here it is. The completed family portrait took many months to complete. It’s in its forever home and the recipient loves it 🙂 So I can now share it here with you all.
This is a large piece with 5 portraits that needed to all work together. I worked from multiple pictures to do this one piece. I had a base photograph with all participants sitting on a staircase. But the little girl was not full face and the doggie was looking the other way. To top it all the picture was not high res. The challenge with a multiple portrait commission is that they all have to work – individually and together. Imagine you do 4 really well and then mess up the 5th. Oh gosh! I am ready to break into hives just thinking of the possible stress!!

That said I have redone this entire painting once before and redone just parts about three times. Why? Mainly because I was not happy with it. The client had no complaints I might add. She was fine with the very first version!

The last picture is a composite of the three main photographs I used as the main reference. I had about half a dozen more to check for details and colouring.

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