Rebirth series
Acrylic on papered upcycled board.
They say when it rains it pours… The last couple of years have been tough. There has been too much rigidity because I’ve held on too long. And by holding myself rigid to not feel the pain I have allowed muscles to weaken. Both physically and emotionally.

I have been MIA, for the most part, these last few weeks. A gazillion doctor visits, a bunch of X-rays and 2 MRIs later. I know what needs to go and what needs to stay. I have a bad back.
I have been doing some artwork in short bursts like I used to do the kitsch series a decade ago. It was fast, did not require drying time and best of all it was fun. You can google images for ‘artbyaarohi’ and ‘kitsch’ and see what comes up.

I need fun while I heal. Total bed rest is out of the question mainly because it would drive me nuts but muscle relaxants, pain killers and a positive attitude can change a lot. I have been working with flowers for the last month and a few portraits. And trying a looser approach to both. This is me dabbling with paint and marker as I wait to get back to form.
Experimentation. Exploration. Not being afraid to try something new. Why not? I’m changing every day – stands to reason that my work will too. Whether it is a permanent change I can’t say – but it is definitely FUN!

The papered board (both the paper and the wood were found and fixed) is a good simile for what I am attempting to do. Put myself back together in small ways that will hopefully have a big impact. Remember this series –

Re-birth and Renewal

Flowers seem to be my go-to when in distress and in need of healing 🙂

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