24×24 inches Approx
Acrylics on canvas
Gina lost Marvin last year to old age. And it has been difficult for her to get over the loss. Gina’s daughter Ketaki reached out to me to paint Marvin just as she had for Muffin their other child. Thank you @ketaki.bali and @ginaslehria. for your faith. Do note the sprinkling of Parijat flowers. Marvin loved to roll around in them
You can see Muffin’s portrait here.

Since covid I find myself painting quite a few memorial portraits of both people and pets. Let me tell you – it is hard. I am forever grateful to be entrusted with the task of capturing love and memory. I prefer to work from multiple photographs where possible as it gives me a better understanding of the nuances of a person/dog’s personality. Additionally, I am not always lucky enough to get one picture with perfect lighting conditions.

To commission a portrait DM here or write to me on aarohi [at] artbyaarohi [dot] com
If you would like to buy any paintings or would be interested in prints of my work then please send me a DM here or write to me on aarohi [at] artbyaarohi [dot] com

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