Painted portraits

Acrylic on canvas
16×16 inches.

Painted portraits bring a quality that is more often than not absent in ‘just’ spur-of-the-moment photographs. Even when the request is to paint as close to the photograph. I feel it is somehow ‘more personal’.
Sometimes there is a very limited range of reference images to choose from. In this case, there was only one!! That makes it a little difficult to bring more nuance into the painting but it is possible.

Have you ever commissioned a portrait? Painted or photography based for that matter. Do it. It’s a great way to capture precious moments that are all too fleeting.
But make it a commissioned set. Why?– mainly because in the random photographs we all take – we are capturing a memory more than the people in that memory. It is associated with the time, the place, the occasion, and so on. But in a commissioned piece the focus is the person/s. Even when the painting is based on an existing spur-of-the-moment capture the artist gets to bring something more to the table


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